Journal: Week six...

Chew, jump, sleep!

Entering week six, the puppies began the "Shark" stage: big mouths and big, needle sharp teeth. We are teaching them bite restraint - for self-protection! They run quite well now and are practicing jumping in the air and on each other and their human beans. (Maeve actually got all 4 paws off the ground; she is clearly carrying her father's leaping genes!)

Now, at the end of the week, they are beginning to jump up and reach the top of the 24 inch fence. So next week, we will be upgrading to a 48 inch X-pen. As soon as the weather gets better we will let them out on the deck and begin to introduce them to the world.

Plush toys were a huge hit this week; Alana developed a strong affection for her leprechaun. (Note: it is needful to supervise plush interactions, since squeakers and rattles can be swallowed!)

The puppies are very well socialized and would rather climb all over their human parents than eat - sometimes. And they like to climb each other too...

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